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Congress equipment

We provide wireless interpreting equipment and sound distribution systems

We arrange for the operation of interpretation equipment, including transportation, assembly, disassembly and the presence of a technician for the duration of the event.

General business terms and conditions

No congress or conference can do without conference equipment. For interpreted congresses and conferences, in addition to projectors and sound systems, you will also need interpreting equipment, interpreting booths and operating personnel. Artlingua provides wireless interpreting equipment according to the client’s requirements.

Artlingua can install mobile interpreting booths - small ones in case of limited space and big ones, which are soundproof and meet the strict ISO 2603 standard - into halls that are not already furnished with translation equipment.

Naturally, Artlingua can also equip halls with regular sound distribution systems, microphones and microports and standard projection and audiovisual equipment.

For interpreting smaller events, Artlingua provides wireless whispering (chuchotage) equipment. Zero transportation, installation and staffing requirements are a benefit of this technology. The interpreter brings along this equipment to the event him/herself.

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