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Consecutive, simultaneous and court interpreting

Artlingua has many years of experience in providing interpreting services. Due to its professional qualities, Artlingua was chosen as the sole provider of interpreting services during the Czech EU Presidency in 2009.

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Artlingua provides all kinds of interpreting services, be it consecutive, simultaneous or court interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting – conference interpreting (in-booth) - is mainly used for seminars, conferences and symposiums. During simultaneous conference interpreting, the interpreter sits in an interpreting booth. The interpreting is transmitted to attendees via interpreting equipment.

Whispered simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage)

During whispered simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter speaks without the help of translation equipment, directly into the client’s ear. This kind of interpreting is suitable at meetings, business negotiations or gala dinners. Light, wireless interpreting equipment, or wireless whispering sets (a microphone for the interpreter and headphones for the client), can be used for this kind of interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used during business negotiations, meetings, presentations or opening speeches. During consecutive interpreting, interpreting equipment is not required.

Court interpreting

Court interpreting may only be provided by licensed court interpreters. Court interpreting is used for the purposes of the courts, the police etc. or for wedding ceremonies.

Other services

We can also arrange hostesses and stenographers for the smooth course of congresses and conferences.


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