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Artlingua, a.s. - translations, interpreting, congresses

Our aim is to provide professional translation and interpreting services that fully satisfy our clients.

Tradition since 1990

We have been providing translation and interpreting services since 1990. It was in that year that a group of experienced translators, interpreters and managers founded Artlingua with a view to offering services of the highest possible quality.

Artlingua always works closely and coordinates with its clients. We use examples of best practice and personal practical experience from the translation profession in our work.

Certified Quality

As proof that our services are truly of the highest quality, we have been awarded the EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate ten years in a row. Our translation procedures and methods comply with professional standard ČSN EN 15038:2006. As the holder of both certificates, we are subject to regular audits by the certification authority.

Verification of translators (Screening)

Before working with any translators, Artlingua subjects them to thorough tests and then assesses them on an ongoing basis. The results of these assessments constitute important feedback for the agency but also for our translators, as such cooperation helps them to grow professionally.


Artlingua places great emphasis on protecting client information. We use the highest level of security for our translations. The system ensures that communication takes place only along secure channels and that client data is never stored in third party data storage, in cloud services or on our translators’ own computers, but only on Artlingua’s secure server. The result is our absolute control over where client data is stored.
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Company entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague on 18/01/1991, Section B, Entry 459.

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