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Basic interpreting terminology

Frequently asked questions about interpreting and terms and conditions of cooperation

Ordering interpreting services

You can order interpreting services by filling in the form on our website, by telephone, by e-mail or in person at our office. We will prepare a price calculation for you in advance.

Price calculation - Interpreting services

The price of interpreting services is calculated according to the number of hours of interpreting provided. The basic unit for determining the price of interpreting services is a half day (up to four hours of interpreting) or a whole day (up to eight hours of interpreting). If interpreting exceeds eight hours, we calculate overtime based on the daily rate.

Payment for interpreting services

We issue an invoice for each contract. Payment may be made by bank transfer to our account or in cash at our office.

Simultaneous interpreting - conference interpreting (in-booth)

During simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter speaks almost at the same time as the speaker with a minimal time lag. Simultaneous interpreting is mainly used for seminars, conferences and symposiums. During simultaneous conference interpreting, the interpreter sits in an interpreting booth. The interpreting is transmitted to attendees via interpreting equipment. For this kind of interpreting, two translators are needed for each language combination.

Whispered simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage

During whispered simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter also speaks at the same time as the speaker, but without the help of translation equipment and directly into the client’s ear. This kind of interpreting is suitable at meetings, business negotiations or gala dinners. Light, wireless interpreting equipment, or wireless whispering sets (a microphone for the interpreter and headphones for the client), can be used for this kind of interpreting. The interpreter then does not need to be positioned next to the listener and can interpret for a greater number of people.

Consecutive interpreting

During consecutive interpreting, the speaker’s thoughts are interpreted. The interpreter waits until the speaker pauses before interpreting what the speaker said. Consecutive interpreting is used during business negotiations, meetings, presentations or opening speeches. During consecutive interpreting, interpreting equipment is not required.

Court interpreting

Court interpreting may only be provided by licensed court interpreters. A court interpreter confirms the correctness and accuracy of the recording of the interpreting with a round stamp. Court interpreting is used for the purposes of the courts, the police etc. or for wedding ceremonies.

Information that we need in order to provide our price calculation for interpreting services

To be able to prepare a price calculation for simultaneous interpreting services with equipment, we need to know the language combinations that are to be interpreted, the number of event participants, the event venue, and the event duration.

Cancellation terms and conditions

If an order for interpretation services is canceled on the day of the event or during the event, the full price will be charged.


If you have any complaints or are dissatisfied with the interpreting services, please inform us immediately, preferably during the event itself.