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Confidentiality of client data

We place maximum emphasis on protection of client information

We guarantee our clients complete protection and confidentiality of documents submitted for translation with no technical or legal compromises.

Translators are legally bound to maintain confidentiality

We conclude information protection agreements with all of our translators who translate confidential documents. In-house employees have similar provisions in their employment contracts.

Data transfer security

We never send confidential information by e-mail; we use a connection secured by an HTTPS (encrypted) internet protocol to transfer data from the client to the agency, between the agency and the translator, and back again to the client.
Third party data storage (Ulož.to, Dropbox, etc.) need not even be mentioned here; it is a matter of course that use of these services is entirely unacceptable for transferring any data, not just confidential data, between the client and the translator.

Your data is not in a cloud environment

We do not use any third party services, cloud solutions or any other systems provided by some other company than our agency. We administrate our own servers. No one else has even theoretical access to data, as would be the case if we used webhosting, storage or cloud translation instruments provided by third parties.
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Document handling

The agency staff and translators are trained to work with and handle confidential documents. Data is never stored permanently on translators’ computers or other recording media.